Nikolay Bochkarev

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From: "Who's Who in Science and Engineering", 2nd/3rd eds, 1994/96

Bochkarev Nikolai Gennadievich

astrophysics researcher:

born: Moscow, May 19, 1947;

s. Genneady Afanasievich and Elena Konstantinvna (Scherbakova) B.;

m. Eugenia Alekseevna Karitskaya, Mar. 14, 1969;

1 child, Yuri Nikolaevich.

PhD in Math. Sci., Moscow State U., 1974,

Dr Math. Sci., 1988.

Cert astronomer, astrophysicist.

Jr. researcher Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow, 1974-86,

sr. researcher, 1987-88,

leading researcher, 1989 -;

prof., lect. astrophysics dept. Moscow State U., 1975-;

chmn. Soviet (Russian) Working Group on Interstellar Matter, Moscow , 1979-;

vis. French Govt. Meudon Obs, 1976, U, Calif., Berkeley, 1984, U. Wisc., Madison, 1991.


Magnetic Fields in Space, 1985,

[ALocal Interstellar Matter, 1990,

Basic Physics of the Interstellar Matter, 1992; co-author:

Engineering Calculations of Telescope Designing, 1983, 2nd. edit., 1985; editor:

Physics of Interstellar Matter, 1979;

editor-in-chief jour. Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions, 1991-, cons. editor Soviet (Russian) Encyclopedia Pub., Moscow, 1983-. Mem. All-Union Astronom. Geodesical Soc., Internat. Astronom. Union (invited lecturer, Argentina, 1991), Soviet (Euro-Asian) Astronom. Soc. (co-chmn. 1990-), European Astronom. Soc., Am. Astronom. Soc., Russian Union Sci. Soc. (v.p.).

Achievements include discovery of x-ray emission from nebulae blown by stellar winds.

Office: Sternberg Astronomical Inst, Universitetskij prosp 13,

119899 Moscow Russia

tel: 7 (095) 9328844 or 9391672 (off)

fax: 7 (095) 9328844 or 9328841

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