Maria M. Katsova
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I am a Leading Researcher in  Stellar Astrophysics Department  of  SAI MSU.

I began to work at Sternberg Astronomical Institute (SAI) in 1967, graduated from Moscow State University (MSU) in 1971, Ph.D.(MSU) since 1984. And now I become a Doctor of Sciences (Full Doctor of the Physical and Mathematical Sciences)(MSU, since 1999).

Scientific interests:  late-type stars,  red dwarfs, stellar coronae, stellar flares, stellar cycles.

I am a member of European Astronomical Society (EAS), Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (EAAS), National Geographic Society (NGS).

Some of my recent publications: poster papers presented at CS-11 on October, 1999. You can find it  here.

The list of my publications is in the following text file.

And there is a  short view to my family.

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