(Researcher. Graduated from the Odessa State University (OSU) in 1982, Ph.D. 1986, MSU)

A member of EAS.

My general research interest include several fields:

1) Extragalactic astronomy, active nucleus of galaxies (AGNs), spectral and photometrical observations of AGNs.

2) Observational cosmology, gravitational lensing.

3) Statistical analysis of astronomical time series.

Projects I am currently working on include:
(1) Theoretical and observational research on spectral and photometrical variability of AGNs.
(2) Searching of correlations between X-ray, UV, optical, near IR and radio variability of AGNs.
(3) Developing and programing of statistical methods for time delay determination from uneven observational data sets with applications to AGNs and Gls.
(4) Optical monitoring of QSOs, AGNs and GLs (in collaboration with Dr. B.Artamonov).
(5) Project supported by Roal Society of UK "Echo Sounding of Quasars" (In collaboration with Prof.  K.Horn).


(1) International Symposium "Gravitational Lens", Hamburg, Germany, 1-10 September 1991.

(2) First Plenary Meeting of European Astronomical Society (EAS) "The Impact of Space Research on Astronomy", Liege, Belgium, 18-28 June 1992.

(3) 31st Liege International Astrophysical Colloquium "Gravitational Lenses in Universe", Liege, Belgium, June 21-29, 1993

(4) IAU Symposium No. 159, "Multi-Wavelength Continuum Emission of AGN", Geneva, Switzerland, 30 August - 9 September, 1993.

(5) International Symposium  "New Horizon of X-Ray Astronomy - First Results from ASCA", Tokyo, Japan, March 5-14, 1994.

(6) Invited lecturer for international astrophysical school, ``ROZHEN'94`, Rozhen, Bulgaria, 18-29 April, 1994.

(7) IAU Symposium 173 "Astrophysical Applications of Gravitational Lensing", (University of Melbourne, Australia, July 6-20, 1995). Also was invited to make reports for the scientific seminars of AAO and ASAF in Sydney.

(8) International ASCA symposium "X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy of Cosmic Hot Plasmas", Tokyo, Japan, 10-17 March 1996.

(9) International conference "Blazars, black holes and jets", Girona, Spain, 7-14 September, 1996

(10) International conference "Astronomical Data Analysis Software and System VI", Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, 20-31 September 1996. Also was invited to make reports for the Astrophysical seminar of  Pennstate University, State College.

(11) International conference "Astronomical Time Series", Tel Aviv, Israel, 27 December 1996 - 3 January 1997.

(12) International conference "Astronomical Data Analysis Software and System VII", Sonthofen, Germany, 12-19 September 1997.

(13) International ASCA Symposium "Heating and acceleration in the Universe", Tokyo, Japan, 15-23 March 1999.

(14) The Universe of Gamov: Original ideas in astrophysics and cosmology", Odessa, Odessa, August 16-21, 1999 Ukraine, 19-23 August, 1999.



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I can offer you a program  MCCF for time delay determinations using irregular spaced data sets. (see references  11,23).  Please,  use my  E-mail
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