Eugene Trunkovsky

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Senior Scientific Researcher. Graduated from Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Physics in 1976.
Ph.D. degree - 1988, MSU.

Main field of scientific activities: photometric investigations of various stars, close binary stellar systems and other astronomical objects, including research with use of fast photoelectric photometry with a high time resolution till 1 millisecond.

A member of EAS and EAAS (Astr. Soc. of the former Soviet Union)

Many photos of various events occured with participating of mine during last years can be found at

This is image of Hale-Bopp comet obtained in the Crimean Observatory of SAI by G.Borisov in April 1997

New portable photometer

This instrument is designed for operation in photon-counting mode with use of a set of light filters in the visual spectral range under control of a portable PC, and is equiped with a sensitive photomultiplier as a detector of radiation. The system photometer + PC ensures recording of the light flux from objects under study with a high time resolution down to 1 ms. To see a views of this New photometer itself and of The new photometer installed on the telescope as it looked during observations at the 70-cm telescope AZT-2 of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, click on.

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